“Recently had to fly to Ohio with a short connection time through Houston. The flight I was on arrived late in Houston and left me only 10 minutes to change terminals and run from one end to the other in the concourses. Carrying my luggage and working on the recently replaced hip (about 7 weeks). I made it to my connection flight on time. Never would have made it without the help of Six Points Physical Therapy on Saratoga. Thanks for all you do.”

-Roy Miller, 2017

“When I first came in, no one knew what was causing the pain and my back hurt in multiple places. After Six Points did multiple evaluations and made me do exercises for over a month. The pain started to decrease in most areas. When I left the pain had been pin pointed to one target area, allowing it to be easier to diagnose and fix. Also the staff is friendly and energetic personalities made my visit enjoyable. I thank them for their help, time, and patience.”

-Kelly J. Martin-Sells

“I’m so pleased that I can do my housework without pain. Mostly that I can reach and curl my hair. If I should experience any pain, I will definitely call you again.”

-Esmeralda Rosas, 2017

“Just wanted to share my experience with physical therapy. Working in the medical field, I have heard of many therapy centers. I was referred to Six Points PT due to the location and late hours availability. I was able to work my full schedule and still make time for my therapy. The staff are not only great at what they do, but also make you feel at home. As of today, I live pain free, if need to, I have an exercise plan I can do should I experience pain.”

-Angie Podia 2017

“Office staff were very proactive in setting the next week’s appointments along with calling in advance so I wouldn’t forget. Therapy staff explained all the activities, there was minimal downtime between activities and allowed me to “modify” some activities to get the most gain from the effort. I would highly recommend this office to anyone needing therapy and will tell my doctor of the excellent service I received.”

-Albert Rodriguez 2017

Six Points Physical Therapy at 5017 Saratoga is close to my house, so it took me about 2 minutes to arrive for my therapy. The staff were friendly and professional. Time was not wasted and procedures were done within a timely manner. I would recommend this facility.”

-Reynaldo Granado 2016

“I can tie my shoes, cross my legs, bend down and exercise with a lot less pain and discomfort than when I started. My mobility and range of motion increased greatly thanks to Mr. Jaime Moreno and his staff.”

-Rudy Kintana 2016

“Once upon a time there was a patient who encountered a severe area of pain in his left shoulder, which had a level of pain on the scale of 1-10, a 10, the entire staff worked tirelessly on my pain area time after time, as they also worked with me due to other health issues that I encountered as heart attacks #3 and #4! It has been a touch and go situation as with Gods blessing hands and that of the staff members I’ve been back to the clinic on 3 separate treatment sessions. The hip placement session was helpful as I am able to walk without pain or wondering if my leg will cause me to fall while shopping or while working in yard during my landscaping projects! In all I can say the pains in my left hip, plus my left shoulder has been restored to a healthy operational condition thanks to the staff of Six Points Physical Therapy!!”

-Reuben F. Allen 2016