Six Points Physical Therapy at 5017 Saratoga is close to my house, so it took me about 2 minutes to arrive for my therapy. The staff were friendly and professional. Time was not wasted and procedures were done within a timely manner. I would recommend this facility.”

-Reynaldo Granado 2016

“I can tie my shoes, cross my legs, bend down and exercise with a lot less pain and discomfort than when I started. My mobility and range of motion increased greatly thanks to Mr. Jaime Moreno and his staff.”

-Rudy Kintana 2016

“Once upon a time there was a patient who encountered a severe area of pain in his left shoulder, which had a level of pain on the scale of 1-10, a 10, the entire staff worked tirelessly on my pain area time after time, as they also worked with me due to other health issues that I encountered as heart attacks #3 and #4! It has been a touch and go situation as with Gods blessing hands and that of the staff members I’ve been back to the clinic on 3 separate treatment sessions. The hip placement session was helpful as I am able to walk without pain or wondering if my leg will cause me to fall while shopping or while working in yard during my landscaping projects! In all I can say the pains in my left hip, plus my left shoulder has been restored to a healthy operational condition thanks to the staff of Six Points Physical Therapy!!”

-Reuben F. Allen 2016

“When I came in after months of being incapable of using, calling my primary, being given scripts for pain that did not work, except for making me drowsy. I was told I would be sent for therapy and pain management. I chose to not go to pain management because I did not want injections, which is what is given, but chose therapy and the rest is history. My capability of raising my arm, turning on and off light switches, and lots of other normal everyday things one does and I could not. But with the first visit I noticed right away I felt a lot better, continued with my sessions and am pretty much back to my regular self. Thank you The staff is all wonderful. Again, thank you.”

-Margaret Lopez 2015

“My referral was worked on right away, I was called with explanation of my insurance coverage and my financial responsibility. I was given the choice to accept or decline. Once I accepted, my treatment started promptly. The staff was friendly and professional. My condition improved, thanks to the competence of the therapist.”

-Colette Simon-Hodges, MD 2014

“I received great ‘hands-on’ therapy from the Physical Therapist and all the staff. They utilize an aggressive efficient program that suited my lifestyle and pace I desired for recovery. Jaime would perform manual stretching that I benefitted from greatly. The workout program given helped me gain the majority of my strength back and made me confident to get back to normal routines. The PTs are very knowledgeable and efficiently treated my shoulder.”

-Nick Neff

“Thanks to Jaime Moreno and his staff, I no longer have pain and tingling in my toes when I go to bed. I can now get up in the morning with minimum pain when I first walk on my feet. I have diabetes and had major problems with my feet before I had the physical therapy. Mr. Moreno took great care to massage my feet to break down the very tight places that were hurting me. Both Ina and Grace were very helpful. I never had to wait to have procedures done.”

-Sara D. Flores

“When my doctor recommended physical therapy for my knee, I was afraid. I have never had physical therapy before and I was afraid, very. I was nervous my first visit, but Mr. Jaime Moreno was very patient with me and he explained what I needed to do to get better. Every visit that I went to, Mr. Jaime Moreno and his assistant, Ina, would help me with every exercise I was to do and were very patient with me. I just want to recommend Six Points PT to anyone because I learned to walk and my knee is strong and I am ready to return back to work. Mr. Jaime Moreno, Ina, and Grace are very friendly people that do care about their clients. And Mr. Jaime Moreno really works with the patients one to one and this is what is needed to get better and again he is very patient. Please recommend your friends and family to Six Points. They will have very good results!”

-Soledad Molina

“I sought physical therapy service form Six Points Physical Therapy for bodily injuries received after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. I waited almost three weeks after the accident before coming to physical therapy. During that time, I was in a lot of pain with limited range of motion and movement to the affected areas of my body.

Throughout the physical therapy session, Jaime was extremely proficient and knowledgeable in carrying out the therapeutic treatment plan prescribed by my doctor. They also made me feel very comfortable and secure in their abilities to meet my physical therapy needs because of their excellent interpersonal skills and high level of clinical expertise. They never appeared too busy to answer my questions nor to modify the treatment plan based on my needs.

Their services have greatly improved my overall well being, reduced the amount of pain, and increased movement to the injured areas. I am truly appreciative of the services that Six Points provided to me and would highly recommend them to my friends. Again, thank you for doing such a great job in providing quality comprehensive service.”

-Dr. Erma Wilson