“Our mission is to return the injured patient to a productive lifestyle by offering individualized therapy promoting healing and wellness.” Click on the image to read an article about Jaime Pato Moreno's Healing Touch.

“I believe physical health and mental wellness must be in harmony in order for us to reach our fullest potential as humans.

However, often times we may encounter injuries or imbalances in our physical health that may keep us from living productive, joyous lives.

I believe it is my duty to stand by your side during your journey to wellness and lead the way to recovery. Your happiness in achieving your goals will be a shared victory for me as well.

During this process, the importance of a positive attitude and the exertion of positive thoughts on your behalf are crucial to your healing.

I believe with the combination of the treatment Six Points Physical Therapy offers, along with your dedication you can return to leading the happy and healthy life you always imagined.”


Jaime Pato Moreno, P.T.
Certification in Spinal Manipulative Therapy

To read an article about Jamie Pato Moreno’s “Healing Touch” click here.

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